Welcome to OddVenue.com, a cyberspace pit-stop for those following the “other” roads and moving to the beat of a different drummer. Very soon you will be able to purchase items and services of a distinctly “odd” flavor from our virtual storefront. We plan on carrying unique, hard to find, or just plain outrageously bizarre stuff. It is our attempt to express the essential individuality of biological and social systems. Your hosts will be the Oddvarks, until recently, an unknown intelligent species. Perhaps, with all the transmissions floating around our planet, some of this has found a way to blend with the species commonly known as aardvarks (i.e. translated as ‘earth-pig’, but we would caution you to avoid this usage when referring to the Oddvarks).

Ollie Oddvark and I will be posting here regularly. News of the weird and odd is certainly an abundant resource in today’s world and we intend to capitalize on it. If you think the news is the only abundantly available bizarre resource, wait till we get the storefront up. The planet is full of unique and weird stuff, from crackpot inventions, to artworks, to music, to literature, to recovered lost treasures, to faddish collectobilia….. the list could go on ad nauseum. We intend to work hard to uncover what some may claim should never have been uncovered. We trust you to be the judge of our “odd” collection of stuff for the truly discerning consumer. Check back here often. We promise you won’t be disappointed.