Mom and Dad, you don’t have to worry. We won’t do anything on the Internet that’s risky. You know we have always come to either or both parents if there’s something we’re unsure of the consequences of doing. Besides, I am going to be a writer, so unless I get famous, it unlikely that anyone will ever see what I look like unless they illegally copy the only known actual picture of us (that’s me, Dolly Oddvark, in the middle).

Ollie Jr. (on the left) is going to be a musician, so unless he gets famous too, humans will generally only need to hear digital recordings of his music. And Wally (on the right), is going to be an artistic painter. Artistic painters usually only get famous long after they’re dead. So, I hope you can see we are respecting the ‘privacy’ and ‘separate-ness’ we Oddvarks need, to survive in this wild, weird, and sometimes wicked world of humans. We Oddvarks need to stick together. Like both our parents, though, we are finding it hard not to be vocal about all those wonderfully weird ‘people’ we come across.